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Madame Munchie was founded by Kim Geraghty, a French American entrepreneur currently residing in Los Angeles. An avid baker with a banker background, she spent hundreds of hours learning the secrets of French macarons from traditional French recipes. She studied and compared recipes from France’s most prestigious pastry companies before developing the unique recipes that define Madame Munchie.

Growing up in France, I remember going to boulangeries and pâtisseries after school for 4pm goûter. At age 11 my family moved to Paris and my education in luxury truly began. My mom would take me to the Opéras Bastille and Garnier to hear the finest music, the musées du Louvre and d’Orsay to see the finest art.

But above all I craved the food. Ladurée, Lenôtre, and Dalloyau could see me admiring their windows regularly. Developing your palette was an essential part of a young Parisian’s education.

Around this time I remember visiting Amsterdam where my father worked, and seeing the benefits of an environment where cannabis was legal.

Moving back to the US after receiving my master in Finance, I became an Investment Banker in New York and in 2012 I moved to California as a Venture Capitalist to learn how to build a business.

These experiences gave me the inspiration and skillset to pursue my lifelong dream of starting Madame Munchie. Madame Munchie had only one client when the famous box of five macarons won the High Times Cannabis Cup. That number quickly grew to over 50 recurring dispensaries clients.”

Kim has been recognized as a successful industry leader, speaking at conferences, conducting media interviews, and providing consulting services for leading cannabis firms. She obtained one of the first cultivation permits in Mendocino County and one of the first federal cannabis trademarks.

Before entering the cannabis industry, Kim worked for leading financial institutions worldwide. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish and has lived in the U.S., France, and Costa Rica.

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Excellency in cannabis since 2014

High Times 1st place best edible 2014

High Times 3rd place best edible 2016

Hempcon 1st place best dessert 2016

Hempcon 2nd place best edible 2016

SF Patient’s Choice 1st place best hybrid edible 2015

Cannawards 1st place best new infused product 2015

Edibles list “Most Elegant edible” 2016

Edibles list “Best Gourmet edible” 2015

Happy Place Fest 1st place best edible 2017

Happy Place Fest 1st place best CBD edible 2017

Did you know?

Both macarons and macaroons are confections, and both names are derived from ammaccare, which is Italian for "to crush" — but that's where the similarities end.

A macaron specifically refers to a meringue-based cookie made with almond flour, egg whites, and granulated and powdered sugar, then filled. The delicate treat has a crunchy exterior and a weightless interior with a soft ending that's almost nougatlike in its chewiness.

A macaroon is a generic phrase that is applied to a number of small, sweet confections. Mostly, the term is equated with the moist and dense coconut macaroon, which is composed of egg whites, sugar, and dried coconut, often piped with a star-shaped tip, and sometimes dipped in chocolate.